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Welcome From Our President

I’m delighted to have received the support of club members and to have been chosen as President for the 2018-2019 year.

I first joined Toastmasters 40 years ago and I have been a member of Southern Lights for three different periods during that time. When I rejoined three years ago, it was for two reasons. First, I was warmly welcomed by a new generation of members who had carried on a tradition of excellence that I remembered from my earlier years with the club. Second, since I had recently retired, I felt that I was able to commit more of my time than when I was working.

As with any organization there is always an evolution and Toastmasters is no exception. Starting this year (May 2018), there is a new educational program called Pathways. It is perhaps the single biggest change Toastmasters has introduced since its beginning and I’m pleased to be in a leadership role as this new program is implemented.

No organization, regardless of its size, can function without people to keep it running in a harmonious manner. Southern Lights Toastmasters is no exception and we are fortunate to have a strong executive committee comprised of both new and experienced members. I look forward to working with Pat, Darryl, Nicole, Bob, Marlene and Vishwadha over the next year as we transition from the Traditional to the new Pathways educational program and to examine new ways to make Southern Lights Toastmasters Club even more dynamic.

I look forward to a fantastic year!

Nigel Bowles, President 2018/2019.

When and Where Do We Meet?

  • The Southern Lights Toastmasters Club meets Wednesday nights from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Providence Renewal Centre,  3005 119 Street.

  • Guests should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.

  • Meetings run from September each year to June the following year.

  • Southern Lights does not meet during July and August.

Who Should I Contact?

The following members of our club would be happy to answer any of your questions:

Nigel Bowles
email      nigel.bowles@shaw.ca
ph.           780-499-5259

Nicole Tarbox

email      nicole.tarbox@gmail.com
ph.          780-952-7847

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A Past International President of Toastmasters is a current member of Southern Lights.

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